Micro-Generation Awards categories

There 28 categories for innovation, project, discipline and people awards, plus one overall Micro-Generation Champion top accolade:

A. Innovation in Micro-generation

A1. Solar
A2. Wind
A3. Water (land or marine)
A4. Ground Source
A5. Air source
A6. Biomass
A7. Hydrogen

B. Micro-generation Projects

B1. Community
B2. Industrial
B3. Commercial
B4. Agricultural
B5. Education
B6. Healthcare
B7. Transport

C. Disciplines

C1. Design for micro-generation
C2. Planning for micro-generation
C3. Training for micro-generation
C4. Manufacturing for micro-generation
C5. Installation for micro-generation
C6. Maintenance for micro-generation
C7. Finance & funding for micro-generation
C8. Technology for micro-generation (including software, monitoring, etc)

In addition to these “pay-to-enter” categories, the following six categories are free to enter through self or third party nomination, covering people, which may or may not be awarded each year, depending on circumstances:

D. People in Micro-generation

D1. Rising Star (aged under 35 at time of nomination)
D2. Apprenticeships
D3. Sales and customer service (individual or team)
D4. Inventiveness (individual or team)
D5. Energy (individual or team)
D6. Environment (individual or team)

Finally, the top accolade, which cannot be entered and is decided by the judges:

E. Micro-Generation Champion

The judges will decide the winner of the overall Micro-Generation Champion from all the category winners.


Please note: The final closing date for entries is February 28, 2019.

Agreement has been reached to work with Sustainability Voices to develop the Micro-Generation Awards and the FINAL closing date for entries is now February 28, 2019. You will need to pay the necessary fee before your entry will be processed for judging.


If you feel that there may be a category that we have not included, which you feel is important, then please let us know. We will set the categories in stone by May 31, each year, but are prepared to accept any constructive suggestions before that date.


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Please note: there is no financial relationship between the Micro-Generation Awards and Boost Marketing, which operates as an independent expert on submitting entries for awards competitions around the world.