Up to five expert judges per category

Expert judges, chosen for their experience in sustainable energy and micro-generation, will vote independently for the entry they think is best in a given category. The total of their combined votes will decide a winner. Some judging groups may judge more than one category, because their expertise is broad enough, or because the category criteria are similar. Other groups may judge only one category, but it will probably be a larger category, with more entries.

The judges’ decisions will be independently arrived at and final. No correspondence will be entered into concerning the judges’ decisions and the names of the judges may not be released until after voting has been completed.

The ultimate, overall Micro-Generation Champion award will be voted for by all the judges.

Please note: all judges will sign non-disclosure agreements before being given access to any entry. This is in keeping with the organisers’ clear intent to maintain high levels of confidentiality. If, for instance, an entrant wishes to embargo certain information because of its commercial sensitivity, then provided the material is clearly marked as confidential, any material subject to an embargo will not be published.

Being a Judge

If you would like to be a part of the judging panel for the inaugural Micro-Generation Awards, please put your name and contact details, with a brief CV on yourself, on an email to Helen Warrilow

Judges are not allowed to vote for any project in which they have an involvement. The scores of the other judges in that category will be averaged and the average score awarded on behalf of the non-voting judge. The same rule applies to any representative of a Sponsoring company to ensure they do not vote for any entries with which they have had an involvement. This ensures fair, independent voting.