How to enter

Any business involved in the micro-generation of sustainable energy is eligible to enter. Eligibility is as broad as the industry itself. If you are in any doubt, please call the Awards office for guidance.

What do you need to do to enter the Micro-Generation Awards?

First, please read through the category list and decide which categories you wish to enter. Remember, you can enter as many categories as you believe are relevant.

Assemble the information you need to make your entry. There may be subtle differences between category criteria, so make sure you prepare to draft your submission with the specific category in mind, tuning the words carefully if you need to enter the same entry in another category. The judges will not want to see duplicate entries.

Each entry should reflect the category for which it is being submitted. The Micro-Generation Awards are about enterprise, innovation, inquisitiveness and excellence in micro-generation. Over time, the Awards’ archive will consist of the best companies, projects, services and products in the micro-generation sector.

Next, you will need to write your submission. There is a limit on the number of words in any one submission. While 1,500 words seems a lengthy essay, a complex submission will quickly chew through that number. But be aware, the judges will mark down over-length submissions, so please be brief and watch the word count. Similarly, the judges will vote higher any paper that is concisely written with no unnecessary hyperbole or self-promotion. Additional support material expanding on your entry submission may be provided if necessary. Again, please pay particular attention to the criteria of the category you wish to enter. The judges will appreciate your extra effort, even if it is simply to provide an introductory sentence or two as evidence that you have addressed the category’s criteria.

Will you need to provide additional support material?

The micro-generation of sustainable energy is not necessarily the easiest subject to illustrate, but printed material, branded items, maps, photographs and video can all be used to great effect in helping the judges to understand the case you are making. Please think about how you can support your entry, bearing in mind that any picture or branded material will help to make the Awards presentation more visually interesting.   At the very least, even if you have nothing else to show, please submit a high resolution (300 dpi) file of your company’s logo and a link to a PDF of your corporate brochure about your company and its services, or about the project entered.

How should you submit the information?

The whole of your entry – entry form, submission paper, payment, support documents, picture or video material, promotional literature or giveaways – can be submitted online with a 10MB limit. If your support material is visual rather than physical you can provide a URL to a micro site containing the visual material, or you can submit the material on a memory stick. If you do need to supply physical paperwork it must be supplied in a rigid walled box file, clearly marked with the name of the category, the name of the submitting company and the project title as stated in the entry form. If copies of your submission need to be made for the judges we will do this at no cost to you. You need to supply only one copy of your support material, even if you enter the same or a revised submission into more than one category. However, if your entries are in very different categories, or you make several diverse entries in a single category, then you will need to provide support material for each different entry you make.

Will the information you provide be kept safe and confidential?

All entries are stored safely in a secure environment, accessed only by the organising team of the Micro-Generation Awards. The judges each have to sign a confidentiality/non-disclosure letter in advance of the judging, and the Awards’ organisers undertake to keep securely and not disclose any information marked as “not for publication”. The Chair of judges will also be sensitive in the choices of judges to scrutinise entries, thus ensuring balanced verdicts and discretion.

What is the closing date for entries?

PLEASE NOTE: agreement has been reached to work with Sustainability Voices to develop the Micro-Generation Awards and the FINAL closing date for entries is now February 28, 2019. You will need to pay the necessary fee before your entry will be processed for judging.

Will your entries be returned?

No entries will be returned after judging. They will be securely destroyed after the Awards ceremony has taken place. Entries that make the short-list of finalists will be used in any Awards supplement published on the day of the Awards ceremony and lunch. Any information marked as confidential will be treated as such by the organisers.

What will you receive if you win?

Every winner will receive a custom-designed trophy and a Winner logo for use in print and online. Highly commended runners-up will receive an A4-sized framed certificate and a High Commendation logo, which can be used in print and online. . All other finalists will receive a Finalist logo, which can be used in print and online. Duplicate trophies, Winner or High Commendation certificates may be purchased for other parts of your company to display, if you wish. As important as winning itself will be the publicity information distributed by the organisers after the Awards, telling national and local news outlets about the winners and high commendations. Wherever possible this publicity will provide links to the online Winners’ gallery on the Micro-Generation Awards’ website as well as to the Winner’s own website.